Belukhin Nikita
The Dynamics of Russia’s Relations with the Countries of Northern Europein the Early 21st Century: Common and Specific Tendencies
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ISBN 978-5-98620-467-3

Russia's relations with the countries of Northern Europe in the early 21st century were controversial and lacked consistency, which is particularly evident in the cases of Denmark and Sweden which successively offered strong criticism of the foreign as well as the domestic policies of Russia and at the same time made efforts to have a constructive dialogue with Russia. Based on the analysis of Russia's bilateral relations with Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway the article presents an attempt at assessing the military and political situation in the Baltic region and Northern Europe together with the prospects of Russia's relations with the countries of Northern Europe.

Keywords: Northern Europe | the Baltic region | Denmark | Swede | , Finla | nd, Russia | Norway |

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