Kharitonova Elena
The dynamics of national and ethnic inequalities in modern Britain (Review)
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ISSN 1998-1775


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National Identity: Conceptual Aspect / GADZHIEV K.S.

Metamorphoses of identity in the conditions of globalization. Summary / Lapkin Vladimir V.

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Dilemmas of National Identity: Political Risks and Social Inputs.

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Global Tendencies in the Field of Unilateral Violence Against Civilians.

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Political Identity and Identity Politics / Semenenko Irina S.

Semenenko Irina
Metamorphoses of European Identity.

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Prospects for identity research in the social sciences: promoting non-conflict public discussion (interview of professor Lyubov’ A. Fadeeva with corresponding member of RAS Irina S. Semenenko). Political science. 2020, N 4, P. 74–85. DOI:

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Identity in the System of Coordinates of the World Development.

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Дискурс: к открытым инновациям через национальные мегапроекты и наднациональные инновационные системы [Текст] / А.А. Дынкин, С.В. Чемезов // Вестник Академии военных наук. – 2013. – № 2(43).

National areas in system of federal relations

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The Turkish ethnic Minority and the Problems of the Formation of Civic Identity in Bulgaria

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Bogacheva Anastasia
Minorities in Modern Iran: Strategies of “Identity Struggle”
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