Pantin Vladimir , Lapkin Vladimir
Destabilization of the old world order and the formation of a new world order: main trends and alternatives
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ISSN 0869-0499

DOI 10.31857/S0869049923050015

A comparative analysis of alternative scenarios for the formation of a new world order is presented. It is shown that in the early 2020s the former “monocentric” (“unipolar”) world order was destabilized. The main signs of the shifts taking place in it are socio-economic and political oppositions in Western and non-Western countries, the chaotic system of international relations, the increasing number and depth of regional conflicts, the creation of new international associations and coalitions. The forecast is made about the most probable variant of the change of the world order, which can come into being in the period of the 2020-2030s. An assumption has been made of the role of Russia in the changing world order.

Keywords: new world order | regional conflicts | forecasts | international relations | Russia |

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