Kupriyanov Alexey
Constructing the Arcto-Pacific: New Challenges and Opportunities // Russia in Global Affairs. 2020. Issue 4. P. 178-191. DOI 10.31278/1810-6374-2020-18-4-178-191
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ISSN 1810-6374

DOI: 10.31278/1810-6374-2020-18-4-178-191

This article is devoted to considering and providing grounds for a promising geopolitical construct of the future-the Arcto-Pacific-which may be destined to complement the idea of Greater Eurasia. The author believes that favorable conditions are emerging for tapping the economic potential of the Arctic seas. Global warming allows for using northern routes to an ever greater extent, while booming Asian economies, and China in the first place, are a reason for redirecting transit flows through the Arctic. Until just recently, the Northern Sea Route’s development was relatively slow, as the alternative one through the Suez Canal was more reliable, by and large, in terms of costs and delivery time. The beginning of a Cold War between the United States and China serves as an incentive to opting for a different cargo traffic artery linking China and Europe. In contrast to the southern route, shipping through the Arctic is safer and ever more predictable with every passing year. In combination with the import of natural resources from the Arctic, the possibility of northern transit is becoming a major factor in another Cold War. In a situation like this Russia will have to look out for new partners and new diplomatic solutions in order to retain sovereignty over the Arctic seas.

Keywords: Arcto-Pacific | Arctic Ocean | China | Russia | Northern Sea Route | Arctic | Japan | Korea |

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