Rogozhina Natalia
What awaits the democratic opposition in Thailand?
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ISSN 2072-8271

DOI 10.31696/2072-8271-2020-1-1-46-336-344

The article analyzes the prospects for the development of the democratic movement in Thailand under the conditions of the regime of "authoritarian democracy" that has been formed after the parliamentary elections in 2019. Authoritarianism of power is manifested in counteracting the growing influence of democratic parties, primarily, Future Forward. The decision of the Constitutional Court to dissolve it, although weakened the parliamentary opposition, but did not lead to a decrease in the activity of supporters of democratic changes in Thailand. Their struggle with the regime of "authoritarian democracy" is being implemented as part of the development of the social movement for democratic transformation in the country.

Keywords: Thailand | political parties | democratization | social movement | student protests |

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Rogozhina Natalia
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