Shishkov Yu.
Challenges of the new historical epoch / Shishkov Yu. V.
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 In the end of the 20th century the humankind entered the epoch of knowledge and impetuous technology progress. But this progress combined with population size rapid growth has led to an acute conflict between the world society needs and world natural resources scarcity. One observes the increasing sweet water shortage, scarcity of cultivated area and provision, and degrading planetary environment conditions. A strategy to resolve the deadlock is an urgent need. Some fantasts offer to rearrange the world nature, others - to move to different planets. The attempts to solve this difficult task in a practical way are complicated by the fact that neither national states nor intergovernmental organizations are suitable for this. The possible way out lies in the development of triple network mechanism of global regulation including states, transnational business and world civil society.

Keywords: challenge for civilization | provision scarcity | water shortage | greenhouse gases | flowing of lands | rearrangement of nature | humankind movement | national state | transnational business | civil society | global triple mechanism |

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International Image of Modern Russia: Deficit of Attractiveness or Deficit of Ideas?
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