Bogacheva Anastasia, Ibragimov Ibragim, Kozhanov Nikolai, Lazovskii Stanislav, Svistunova Irina, Surkov Nikolay, Samarskaya Lyudmila
The Middle East in the Second Wave of the Coronavirus Crisis. Outlines of global transformations: politics, economics, law. 2020;13(5):158–180.
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ISSN 2542-0240

DOI 10.23932/2542-0240-2020-13-5-10

This article attempts to assess the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the situation both in the MENA region as a whole and in particular countries. Analysis of the dynamics of the main economic indicators showed that the region is undergoing a period of stagnation - a decrease in growth rates, a decline in business activity, and an increase in unemployment. At the same time, it should be noted that in most cases the pandemic did not generate, but only intensified the existing negative trends, which require structural transformations. Especially important is the fact that not only economically relatively weak states have suffered due to the pandemic, but also countries that traditionally rely on high revenues from hydrocarbon exports. The emerging crisis of the development model of the Persian Gulf countries is alarming. Another trend demonstrated by the second wave of the crisis was the rapid growth of political tensions in a number of countries, which could also lead to significant negative changes in the region.

Keywords: Middle East | coronavirus | economy | oil | protests | Persian Gulf | Egypt | Turkey | Iran | Israel |

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Zvyagelskaya Irina, Bogacheva Anastasia, Davydov Alexey, Ibragimov Ibragim, Lazovskii Stanislav, Samarskaya Lyudmila, Svistunova Irina, Surkov Nikolay, Tyukaeva Tatiana
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Ivanov Stanislav
Washington knocks together the pro-American block in the Middle East

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Ivanov Stanislav
The Middle East and the Modern World Order

Ivanov Stanislav
Where does the middle East “Arab spring”? / Ivanov S.M.

Kamkin Alexander
Middle-Eastern vector of German foreign policy (2010–2022)

Frolov Alexander
Struggle for Libya: External Actors and Their Bets

Bogacheva Anastasia, Davydov Alexey, Ibragimov Ibragim, Zvyagelskaya Irina, Kobrinskaya Irina, Samarskaya Lyudmila, Svistunova Irina, Surkov Nikolay
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Ivanov Stanislav
Joe Biden's visit to the Middle East: losses and gains

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The Middle East: Hello to Russian Arms!

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