Sigachev Maxim, Bardin Andrey
Благотворительность как ресурс развития и смягчения социальных размежеваний // Манускрипт. 2021. № 12. С. 2704-2711. DOI 10.30853/mns20210444.
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DOI 10.30853/mns20210444

The study aims to conceptualise the phenomenon of charity as a factor contributing to mitigation of social divisions in the context of current socio-political transformations. The researchers attempt to analyse the process of philanthropy institutionalisation both in the context of regional features peculiar to individual countries and in the frame of global social transformation processes of today’s world order. The study is novel in that it presents the authors’ four-part classification of charity types. The following four types of charity are distinguished: civic charity, corporate charity, state charity and church charity, specified by such concepts introduced into use as charity solidarism, charity corporatism, charity statism and charity clericalism. As a result, the researchers conclude that social “philanthropisation” reflects fundamental changes in the structure of contemporary society associated with the crisis of the social state and capitalism, which leads to an increase in social inequality and further social divisions.

Keywords: civic charity | corporate charity | philanthropy | social divisions | civic society |


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Pantin Vladimir
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