Bykov Oleg
Geopolitical Status of Russia (In two books). Vol. 2. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2015. – 210 p.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0435-5

This monograph, consisting of two books, is dedicated to a study of origins and development of geopolitical standing of our country in the context of evolving international surroundings. Focused on the post-soviet period, research at the same time touches earlier stages of national geopolitical history and addresses prospects of future place and role of Russia in a dynamically transforming world.
Book 2 contains an appraised of national consolidation and various internal and external trends and processes strengthening international standing of Russia. Available and prospective material and spiritual resources are assessed to outline a wide range of opportunities and risks involved in an upsurge of Russian geopolitical activity. Views for future provide assumptions for Russia’s geopolitical significance in a  drastically changing global community of nations.


Keywords: national geopolitical history | internal and external trends | Russian geopolitical activity |

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Tyukaeva Tatiana
Migration from Maghreb: External and Internal Challenges for Europe
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