Bykov Oleg
Geopolitical Status of Russia (In two books). Vol. 1. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2015. – 200 p.
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ISBN 978-5-9535-0434-8

This monograph, consisting of two books, is dedicated to a study of origins and development of geopolitical standing of our country in the context of evolving international surroundings. Focused on the post-soviet period, research at the same time touches earlier stages of national geopolitical history and addresses prospects of future place and role of Russia in a dynamically transforming world.
Book 1 is premised with an insight into the impact of imperial legacy of the past on contemporary evaluation of geopolitical potential of Russia. Explored are the causes and effects of degradation and disintegration of the Soviet geopolitical order. Revealed is the scope of damage inflicted by the geopolitical catastrophe of the past century on Russia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Noted are the efforts to ensure national survival and create the necessary preconditions for forming a new Russian geopolitical status in post-bipolar environment.


Keywords: geopolitical standing | geopolitical potential of Russia | post-bipolar environment |

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