Security and Arms Control 2017–2018: Overcoming the Imbalance of the International Stability / Alexei Arbatov, Natalia Bubnova, eds. – М.: IMEMO; Politicheskaya Entsiklopediya, 2018. – 270 p.
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ISBN 978-5-8243-2268-2

The Yearbook is a collective monograph by experts of the IMEMO’s Center for International Security, published for over 30 years. This edition offers a detailed analysis of the situation in key international security areas and proposes specific solutions to some of the world’s most burning issues. The monograph investigates the development of nuclear arsenals and national strategies of leading nuclear powers, and identifies major tasks to strengthen the arms control regimes. It explores possible paths to end tensions between Russia and NATO countries, resolve conflicts in Eastern Ukraine, Syria, and Afghanistan, and manage the Iranian and North Korean nuclear problems. The Yearbook also devotes special attention to the risks presented by terrorism, advanced weapons systems, penetration of the arms race into cyberspace and under sea, and the increased military activity in the Arctic.
The book is recommended for Russian and international expert community as well as for general public.


Russia and Multilateral Interaction in the Fight Against New Threats to International Security (Military-political Aspects). Edited by A.G. Arbatov – M., IMEMO RAN, 2013, 116 p.

Nikitin Alexander
Международные конфликты: вмешательство, миротворчество, урегулирование: учебник. – М.: Аспект Пресс, 2017. – 384 с.

Nikitin Alexander
Международные конфликты: вмешательство, миротворчество, урегулирование. Учебник. – М.: Аспект-пресс, 2018. – 384 с.

Bubnova Natalia
U.S. - Russia Relations and Arms Control: Breaking the Clinch

Anichkina Tatiyana
Further reduction of strategic nuclear weapons of Russia and the US in the context of broad understanding of strategic-military balance

Rastol'tsev Sergey, Romashkina Natalia
Unresolved conflicts on the Post-soviet space in Europe and the role of Russia in the settlement (transnistrian and nagorno-karabakh conflicts cases)

Dyakov Anatoly
Перспективы ограничения нестратегического ядерного оружия // Вестник Российской академии наук. 2022. Т. 92, № 3. С. 246-255. DOI 10.31857/S0869587322010042.

Arms Control: Does It Have A Future? Ed. S.K. Oznobishchev, A.I. Nikitin. Moscow: Russian Association of Political Science (Political Science Association), Russian Political Encyclopedia (ROSSPEN), 2013, 279 p.

Arbatov Alexey
Диалектика Судного дня: гонка вооружений и их ограничения [Текст] = Doomsday Dialectics: the Arms Race with Arms Limitations / А. Г. Арбатов // Полис. Политические исследования. – 2019. – № 3. – С. 27-48. DOI: 10.17976/jpps/2019.03.03.

Bogdanov Konstantin
Ядерные силы и ядерная стратегия Китайской Народной Республики [Текст] / К. В. Богданов // Контуры глобальных трансформаций: политика, экономика, право. – 2018. – Т. 11. – № 6. – С. 81-95. DOI: 10.23932/2542-0240-2018-11-6-81-95.

Prospects for Arms Control, Disarmament and Nonproliferation: 70 Years after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings / A.I. Nikitin, P.A. Korzun, eds. – Moscow, IMEMO, 2016. – 126 p.

Nuclear Reboot: Nonproliferation and Arms Reduction. Editors: A. Arbatov and V. Dvorkin Moscow, Russian Political Encyclopedia (ROSSPEN), 2011, 511 p.

Ivanov Stanislav
To create the peace as one of directions of foreign policy of Russia

Kirichenko Elina
Многосторонние режимы экспортного контроля и интересы России. 8 а.л.

Stepanova Ekaterina
The Role of Illicit Drug Business in the Political Economy of Conflicts and Terrorism. Moscow, Ves’ Mir Publ., 2005.

Pikaev Alexander
Yes or No. May 2000, v.2, issue 5.

Disarmament and Security 2013–2014 : Strategic Stability: Security Issues in the Context of the Restructuring of the International Relations / Alexei Arbatov, Natalia Bubnova, eds. – M. : IMEMO RAN, 2014. – 245 p.

Savel'ev Alexander
Политические и военно-стратегические аспекты Договоров СНВ-1 и СНВ-2. М., ИМЭМО РАН, 2000, 155 c.

Ядерные вооружения и безопасность России. Ответственный редактор Арбатов А.Г. М., ИМЭМО РАН, 1997, 18,5.п.л. (Первая премия на конкурсе научных работ ИМЭМО в 1997 г.)

Rustamova Leili
Возможности и ограничения Турции как посредника в российско-украинских переговорах // Право и управление. XXI век. 2022. Т. 18, № 3 (64). С. 10-18. DOI 10.24833/2073-8420-2022-3-64-10-18.
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