Gronsky Alexander
The Byelorussian Imperial Project in the Political Discourse of the Beginning of the 21 Century
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ISSN 2409-2517

DOI 10.24030/24092517-2022-0-2-335-342

The article explores the Byelorussian imperial discourse. It appeared in the early 90s of the twentieth century, but got no further development. In the 2010s, that discourse was revived, but also failed to gain a foothold in the minds of the intellectuals. The Byelorussian imperial project is not viable, because the country does not have the necessary resources. It is not advantageous for Russia to create a joint Russian-Byelorussian imperial project, since Moscow, not Minsk, will be spending the main resources. The Byelorussian imperial discourse was gradually replaced by the Eurasian one.

Keywords: Byelorussian Imperial Project | Empire | Intermarium | Byelorussia | Russia |

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Sigachev Maxim, Kharin A., Skakun P.
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Gronsky Alexander
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Gronsky Alexander
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Gronsky Alexander
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Gronsky Alexander
Imperial Culture and its Relevance at the Beginning of the 21st Century

Gronsky Alexander
The reaction of the left-wing parliamentary parties (Just Russia and the Communist party) to the Byelorussian post-election protests in august 2020

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Gronsky Alexander
Reaction of the Byelorussian Exarchate and the Roman Catholic Church to the August 2020 post-election protests in Byelorussia

Gronsky Alexander
Preparations for the Appointment of M. V. Babich as Russian Ambassador to Belarus through the Eyes of Belarusian Opposition Internet Resources

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Russia becomes a full member of the WTO / Portanskiy A.P.

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Mukhanov Vadim
Pokrovsky's project on the Caucasus as a characteristic document of Russian military and political thought in the early 1830s.
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