Borisov Stanislav
Balance of Payment of Belarus. Moscow, IMEMO RAN, 2010
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The monograph for the first time in economic literature analyzes, in the framework of the balance of payment, the current state of trade, economic and financial ties of Belarus – Russia’s partner in the Union State. It examines, on the basis of official documents, the results of external economic policy of this country at different stages of development, its positions in international trade and world monetary system. The research focuses on specifics of payments on major sides of international transactions, including trade in goods and services, capital inflow and outflow, external borrowings, both in usual (quite) time and during global crisis. The author also pays proper attention to the challenges of trade and monetary cooperation with Russia. Special emphasis is maid on the analysis of the active use by Belarus of the Russian ruble as the means of international payments and reserves.
This work could be useful for practitioners of public and private institutions, university tutors, graduate and post-graduate students, as well as for wider public interested in economics of former Soviet republics.

Keywords: economic policy | international trade | monetary system |


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