Dmitriev Sergey
“American Jobs Plan” with an Anti-Chinese Accent
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ISSN 2686-6730

DOI 10.31857/S268667300017545-9

The Biden administration announces its intention to create "the world's strongest, most resilient, innovative economy" capable of "competing and winning in the 21st century." Washington intends to "unite and mobilize the country and its allies to solve the great problems of our time," to which, in particular, it refers to the climate crisis and "the ambitions of an autocratic China." The agenda for the modernization of the American economy, promoted by the Biden administration, is designed to help solve employment problems, restore and consolidate the US technological leadership in the world. Infrastructure investments are linked to climate policy objectives and support political and social priorities. In the foreign economic arena, Washington is in no hurry to abandon Trump's protectionist policies and is increasing pressure on trading partners in order to prevent strengthening China's position.

Keywords: United States | China | Biden | infrastructure | supply chains | technological leadership | climate policy | renewable energy |

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