Perova Margarita
The U.S. investment in the ASEAN countries
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ISSN 2071-3010

DOI 10.26310/2071-3010.2019.248.6.011

The present paper focuses on the investment experience of the U.S. multinational enterprises (MNE) in the Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN). The study of this issue implies the analysis basic preconditions for growing activities of the U.S. investors and modern features of investment practice of U.S. companies. This scientific analysis is based on publications of foreign specialists, researches and statistical information of leading international organizations and also U.S. Bureau of economic analysis U.S. direct investment flows in the ASEAN countries made it possible US investors to achieve cost reduction through low remuneration and improve competitiveness, effectively use the complementary advantages of these countries, and expand access to new markets. U.S. investors were able to increase revenues and maximize the benefits from participation in GVCs.U.S. companies have also made a significant contribution to the development of regional value chains in the ASEAN countries.But in recent years, U.S. direct investment began to reduce. This dynamics reflects not only the decline in the importance of the export-oriented model of industrial development, but also the change in the vector of development of the world economy in favor of digital technologies. Recently adopted law The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Components of Direct Investment which stimulates the relocation of companies in the United States also affected.

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