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Actual book about indian middle class
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The new book by well-known Indian researcher Pavan K.Varma «The New Indian Middle Class» (New Delhi, 2014, 101 p.) devoted to the problems of Indian middle class, its position in the society and growing role in political life. It is interesting and practically useful to read the seven peculiarities, which constitutes, according to Varma, the essence of presentday Indian middle class. Author notes the difficulties connected with the weakness of statistic indicators, concerning the incomes of middle class. Nevertheless he considers it as a perspective force, taking into account its role in the last parliamentary elections 2014 and creation new Common Man Party.  

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Bragina Elena
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Bragina Elena
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Bragina Elena
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Bragina Elena
India – Africa: Trade and Investments in the XXI Century

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Bragina Elena
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Bragina Elena
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