Mukhanov Vadim
N. S. Mordvinov and the Caucasus
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ISSN 2618-7043

DOI 10.31696/2618-7043-2023-6-3-4-456-476

The article discusses the views of the authoritative Russian statesman and military figure, Admiral N. S. Mordvinov on the methods of conquering the North Caucasus and colonizing the Transcaucasus, his participation in the discussion of the well-known note by A. P. Yermolov in 1816, as well as all the notes and opinions of the admiral himself on the Caucasian theme. Attempts to implement some of Mordvinov’s proposals both in the Caucasus and in Central Asia were also identified.The complicated history of the relationship between the Mordvinov family and N. N. Muravyov, the future Russian viceroy in the Caucasus, then still a young officer, who wished to marry the admiral's daughter Natalya. The whole story of the officer’s love for her and the final refusal of the family to marry the girl, which brought a deep offense to Muravyov, are traced. It was this harsh refusal of Admiral Mordvinov in 1816 that prompted Muravyova to a fateful departure to the Caucasus as part of the Russian embassy to Persia, headed by Yermolov, and the decision to serve in the Caucasus itself as part of the Caucasian Corps. In addition, there is a relationship between Mordvinov’s proposal to establish trade with the East through the Caspian coast and the Central Asian khanates - Khiva and Bukhara - and Yermolov sending two reconnaissance expeditions N. N. Muraviev. It was thanks to them that his career began to take off, which led by the middle of the 19th century to the post of viceroy in the Caucasus and the winner of the Turks with the prefix “Karsky”.

Keywords: Mordvinov | Yermolov | Russia | Caucasus | East | Muravyov | Khiva |

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