«Russian-American leadership in building a more secure peace» (We must restart our stalled nuclear talks) - two simultaneous publications in  «Kommersant»  and  «The Financial Times»  signed by M. Albright, A. Dynkin, I. Ivanov, S. Talbot have become a notable development of the project and of an expert of political discourse in US and Russia.
A more complete version by the prominent politicians and scholars is represented in  «Next Steps on U.S.-Russian Nuclear Negotiations and Nuclear Non-Proliferation» . Joint project of IMEMO and the Brookings Institution is an example of integrated innovative approach to development and strengthening of Russian-American cooperation, the rationale for it and finding ways of its transformation into a full-scale partnership.




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In the forthcoming issue of World Economy and International Relations (No. 7, 2022), the central focus is on the analysis of different regions of Europe and European politics.



June 28-29, 2022 under the auspices of the International Forum, the Primakov Centre and the IMEMO Council of Young Scientists and Specialists are organizing a Youth Session of the Primakov Readings-2022 on the topic «Global Security: Looking for Dialogue Opportunities».


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