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IMEMO RAN together with the Brookings Institution (USA) launches a unique project with an aim to promote US-Russian cooperation on nuclear proliferation and civil nuclear power, following the announcement of a "reset" in bilateral relations and signing of a new treaty on strategic offensive arms.

A.A. Dynkin, Director of the Institute, Member of the Academy of Sciences, heads the project on IMEMO side. Besides the above-mentioned experts, the project also involves Viktor Esin (First Vice-President of the Academy of Security, Defense and Law), Valentin Korabelnikov (Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences, Army General, former chief of the Intelligence Department General Staff of the Russian Federation), Vyacheslav Trubnikov (a member of the directorate IMEMO, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, formerly director of the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation), Gennady Chufrin (Member of the Directorate IMEMO, Corresponding Member of RAN), Irina Kobrinskaya (leading researcher at IMEMO RAN). On the American side, Richard Barth (co-chair of Global Zero Group) and Jennifer Friedman (Albright Stonebridge Group) should be also mentioned.

One of the fundamental ideas of the project was to formulate expert proposals for further action by the two countries even before the signing of a new treaty on strategic offensive arms in order to avoid breaks and slowdown in this important international security process. The main focus was to concentrate on the analysis of ways to further reductions in strategic arms, nuclear nonproliferation and the development of peaceful nuclear energy.
A distinctive feature of the project is a combination of both joint and parallel work of two groups of professionals of the highest class from Russia and the United States, holding brainstorming sessions and the development of practically significant recommendations.

The first meeting of experts from IMEMO RAN and from the Brookings Institution was held in December 2009, in Washington, with the focus on possible steps of Russia and U.S. in nuclear disarmament after the signing of a new bilateral Treaty on strategic nuclear weapons cuts.

Panelists included Igor Ivanov (former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Security Council Secretary) and key scientists from IMEMO: Vladimir Baranovsky (Corresponding Member of RAS, Deputy Director of the Institute), Alexander Pikayev (Head of Department of Disarmament and Conflict Resolution) Vladimir Dvorkin (Chief Research Officer, Major General, retired) – on the Russian side. On the American side - Madeleine Albright (a prominent politician and public figure, former U.S. Secretary of State), Strobe Talbott (President of the Brookings Institution, formerly Assistant Secretary of State), Joseph Cirincione (President of Ploughshares Fund) and leading officials of the Brookings Institution - Steven Pifer (formerly U.S. ambassador to Ukraine) and Clifford Gaddy, senior researcher at the Brookings Institution.
 Russian and American participants prepared materials for this meeting, with their vision of possible further steps of the two countries, as well as practical advice on the matter. Alexei Arbatov, head of the Center for International Security IMEMO RAN and Corresponding member of RAS; and Anatoly Dyakov, head of the Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environment at Moscow Physical-Technical Institute along with other participants facilitated the development of the materials on the Russian side.
The participants formulated practical recommendations as a follow-up to the presentations and discussions, and then I. Ivanov, M. Albright and S. Talbot submitted them to the governments of Russia and the U.S. The recommendations were well appreciated. In a reply to Ivanov, Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister expressed hopes to gain efficiency in the partnership between IMEMO RAS and the Brookings Institution, and praised the proposals made as extremely useful.
Taking into account only the actual nature of the issues, both institutions agreed to publish the materials submitted by the Russian and the American side which resulted in a booklet “Nuclear Disarmament, Non-proliferation, Energy: Developing Further U.S.–Russian Cooperation”, issued on the basis of IMEMO RAN in Russian and English.

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