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09.12.2017  Alexey Kuznetsov gave an interview

In the framework of the 10th Russia-Germany commodity forum in St. Petersburg Deputy Director of the IMEMO corresponding-member of RAS Alexey Kuznetsov gave an interview to the title “Forpost” about his vision of the prospects for the development of relations between Russia and the EU (published 09.12.2017).          more...

09.12.2017  Academician Alexander Dynkin is a guest of the program Dom E at the OTR channel

Academician Alexander Dynkin took part in Sergey Bodrunov’s program at the OTR channel. The topic of the discussion was “The role of  the military-industrial complex for the society: the condition and the prospects”.          more...

31.08.2017  An article by Alexander Krylov

The article “The possible ways of resolving Georgian-Abkhazian conflict” by Head of the Center of the Post-Soviet Studies Dr. Alexander Krylov was published on the website of the Scientific Community of the Caucasus Researchers.          more...


Nezavisimaya gazeta published an article by the Senior Researcher of Department of Global Economic Problems and Foreign Economic Policy, Ph.D. (Economics) E.A. Sidorova “How to reanimate eurozone” concerning ambitious plans to foster European integration, which are proclaimed in the pre-election program of French president E. Macron.          more...

21.06.2017  An article by Marina Klinova

Nezavisimaya gazeta published an article by the Leading Researcher of the Center for European Studies, Dr. of Sc. M.V. Klinova “Macron received absolute power over France”. The article undertakes a review of the second round of the French National Assembly elections that took place on June 18th, 2017.          more...

16.06.2017  Comment of Dr. Marina Klinova

News portal VIPERSON published a comment of the Leading researcher of the Center for European Studies, Dr. of Sc. M.V. Klinova “On the First-round results of the legislative elections in France”. The comment reviews the first round of the French parliamentary elections that took place on  June 11th, 2017.          more...

23.05.2017  An article by Stanislav Ivanov

The article “Will the Syrian Kurds continue to transfer the exempt from jihadist areas to Assad?” by Cand. of Science (History) Stanislav Ivanov was published on the news website KURDISTAN.RU about the Kurdish area.          more...

28.04.2017  Comment of Marina Klinova

News portal VIPERSON published a comment of the Leading researcher of the Center for European Studies, Dr. of Sc. M.V. Klinova “France-2017: the first round is over, what's ahead?”.          more...

12.04.2017  Interview with Alexandra Borisova

Alexandra Borisova has commented for RT Arabic on Russian-American relations right after the negotiations between Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.          more...

03.04.2017  Alexey Kuznetsov was on the press-conference: Meetings at Vertkovskaya

Deputy Director of the IMEMO Corresponding-member of RAS Alexey Kuznetsov took part in the forum “The Socio-economic development of Russia”, which was held in Novosibirsk.          more...

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