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Maria Khorolskaya represented the Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of the IMEMO at the international forum The womens leadership

Maria Khorolskaya moderated the session “The international scientific exchange” at the international youth forum “The women’s leadership: the role in the socio-political life”.


A roundtable conference Russian-German Dialogue: problems and opportunities for cooperation

Maria Horolskaya made a report at the roundtable conference “Russian-German Dialogue: problems and opportunities for cooperation”, organized in the framework of the online International Forum of People’s Diplomacy "Dialogue on the Volga: Peace and Mutual Understanding in the XXI Century".


The Council of Young Scientists of the IMEMO RAS took part in the examination of the applications for the contest "Leaders of International Cooperation"

The internal stage of the all-Russian contest "Leaders of International Cooperation" was held in Moscow. It was organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. The IMEMO was one of the partners of the event.


A report at a seminar at the University of Manchester

Maria Pavlova made the report “The science diplomacy in the Russia-Poland historical discussion” at the international seminar on the issues of the science diplomacy “Science Diplomacy: Global Online Workshop”, which was held at the University of Manchester.


An article by Nadezhda Arbatova in the journal Défense

The article "Russia in a New Bermuda Triangle: Relations with Iran, Turkey and Israel" by Nadezhda Arbatova was published in the journal Défense N° 203.


There is an article by Nadezhda Arbatova in the journal IN DEPTH

The article «GLOBAL WORLD AFTER THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK» by Nadezhda Arbatova, dedicated to the consequences of the pandemic of the COVID-19, was published in the journal IN DEPTH (Volume 17, Issue 3, May 2020). 


Seminar Historical Truth and Mythology in Russias Relations with the EU countries

Discussion Forum “European Dialogues” has the honor to invite you to participate in its seminar “Historical Truth and Mythology in Russia’s Relations with the EU countries”.


The articles by Nadezhda Arbatova in the journal Social Sciences

The articles «The CIS Factor in Russia-West Relations: Origins of Conflict» and «Three Dimensions of Post-Soviet “Frozen” Conflicts» by Nadezhda Arbatova were published in the journal Social Sciences (Vol.50, No. 1, and No 4, 2019).

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The next issue of the MEMO Journal (No. 7 for 2024) opens with the topical rubric "Security Problems in the Modern World", which features articles by A. Arbatov "The Bearing Structure of Global Security" and A. Krivopalov "The Southern Flank of U.S. Deployment in Eastern Europe".



On July 8, 2024, the Center of the Indo-Pacific Region of IMEMO will hold a Roundtable "From Modi 2.0 to Modi 3.0".


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