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Seminar October 1917 Distant and Close

Discussion Forum “European Dialogues” has the honor to invite you to participate in its seminar “October 1917 – Distant and Close”. 


Seminar Possible Terms of the Russia-West Detente?

Discussion Forum «European Dialogues» has held its seminar «Possible Terms of the Russia-West Detente?»


Feodor Basov took part in a round-table conference at the IA Russia Today

Scientific Researcher of the Department for European Political Studies Cand. of Science (Politics) Feodor Basov took part in the multimedia round-table conference on the topic “Germany is on the threshold of the elections: arrangement of  political forces” which was held at the IA “Russia Today”.  


There is a network edition of an analytical report

There was a publication of a report made at the Summit of the European Council (June 28, 2016) and dedicated to the analysis of Global security strategy of the European Union called “The shared vision, a common approach: a strong Europe”. There were also published the reactions of the EU Member States on this document there. 


Nadezhda Arbatova made reports at the OSCE conferences

Nadezhda Arbatova, head of the Department for the European Political Studies represented IMEMO RAN at two OSCE conferences.


A meeting of the Scientific Council

Nadezhda Arbatova, head of the Department for European Political Studies made a report «The future of the European Integration in the context of the internal and external crisis» at the meeting of the IMEMO Scientific Council.


There is a Yuriy Borkos review on the monograph of the Department for European Political Studies

There was published the review by Leading Researcher for the Institute of Europe of the RAS Dr. Yuriy Borko on the monograph “The European Union is at the crossroads: the unsolved problems and the new challenges (political aspects)” of the Department for European Political Studies of the IMEMO. 


Konstantin Voronovs report is on the conference at the Gubkin University

Head of the Section for regional Problems and Conflicts Konstantin Voronov made a report “The cooperation between Russia and Norway: the change of the international political context as the motivation factor of the bilateral relations”.


Seminar Russia and the West: Is a New Yalta Feasible?

Discussion Forum «European Dialogues» has held its seminar «Russia and the West: Is a New Yalta Feasible?».


There was an article by Tatyana Andreeva

The article “ «Litvinenko case» in Russian-British relations” by senior researcher of the Department for European Political Studies Tatyana Andreeva was published in the journal “Modern Europe” 1, 2017 (issue I, January-February).

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The Council of Young Scientists and Specialists of IMEMO and the Primakov Center for International Cooperation will hold a Youth Session of the International Scientific and Expert Forum "Primakov Readings" on the theme "Russia in Changing World Order: Challenges and Opportunities" on June 22-–27, 2024.



In the summer of 2024, the famous Russian Economist, Prominent Specialist in the Theory and Practice of German and European Economic Policy, Vladimir P. Gutnik (1954-2009), who headed the Center for European Studies at IMEMO and the Research Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, would have turned 70 years old. On the Eve of the Anniversary Date, a Scientific Conference was held at INION RAS, at which IMEMO Researchers made Presentations.


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