Meeting of the Council on the priority directions of the scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation


On March 14, 2022 a meeting of the Council on the priority direction of scientific and technological development of the Russian Federation "The possibility of an effective response of the Russian society to the great challenges, taking into account the interaction of man and nature, man and technology, social institutions at the present stage of global development, including the application of methods of humanities and social sciences" chaired by Academician A.A. Dynkin was held in a mixed format.

The participants of the meeting pointed out that the suggested project can be qualified as a scientific and technological response to the challenges associated with an increase in anthropogenic pressure on the environment and to the deterioration of environmental living conditions. Electron-beam methods used for processing various wastes are at the forefront of technological research. The suggested technology appears to be effective and safe, and applying it to the ecological and environmental problems seems to be appropriate. The project has great potential in the field of import substitution and creation of high added value.

The Council decided to recommend to the initiator of the application for the suggestion to develop a Comprehensive Scientific and Technical Project of the complete innovation cycle “The development and the introduction into production of the complex of the breakthrough electron-beam technologies and technical means for waste decontaminating and emergency technogenic pollution treatment, which are safe for human and nature” to develop the draft of the suggestion further, taking into consideration the feedback of the members of the Council. On the basis of the outcomes of the meeting there was set the appointment for the re-consideration of the application.

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