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The Russian Centre for Science and Culture in Brussels invites you to take part in a discussion club "onnecting Point" on 4 February at 18:00 on the Russian Centre's online platform. 

We will discuss the topic "The Challenges of Diplomacy in the 21st Century" on the occasion of the Diplomat’s Day.

The experts will be:

  • Irnerio SEMINATORE, President of the European Institute of International Relations in Brussels – IERI
  • Sergey UTKIN, Head of the Strategic Assessments Group, Leading Researcher at the Situation Analysis Center at the IMEMO 

At the event, we will talk about such topics as:

- international systems and the functions of diplomacy
- digitalisation of international relations
- use of social networks in diplomacy
- national interests, diplomatic words vs actions in the international arena
- future of track II diplomacy, the relationship between smart power and soft power

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The online forum, dedicated to the role of women in the work of the think tanks in states and regions of the world, was held on the platform of the University of Pennsylvania (the USA). The event was held under the auspices and on the initiative of the “Think Tanks and Civil Society Program”.



Ekaterina Labetskaya took part in the virtual conversation with Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic Tomáš Petříček, which was organized by the International Assembly “The Arctic Circle” on the online media platform Arctic Circle Virtual.


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