VII St. Petersburg International Labor Forum


March 13-17, 2023 St. Petersburg hosts the VII International Labor Forum – the largest discussion platform in Eurasia in the field of human capital development and labor relations.

This year the scientific and expert event's central theme is the processes taking place in social and labor sphere in conditions of world order transformation, which is reflected in its title: "From Labor Market to Employment Market: New Reality". 

On March 16, 2023 Elena Sadovaya, Head of the Department for Complex Socio-Economic Research of the Center for Comparative Socio-Economic and Political Studies of IMEMO, Cand. of Science (Economics), made a presentation at the Forum. 

The report of Elena Sadovaya "Platform Employment in the Unity of Technological, Economic and Social Components", presented as part of the academic discussion "De-standardization of Employment in the Conditions of Reformatting the Economy", touched upon the problems of development and regulation of the social and labor sphere in the conditions of the impending systemic transformation. 

The author emphasized that the most important tasks of both theoretical and practical, empirical research in the emerging circumstances are: forecasting the development of the situation on the labor market and recommendations to the authorities on the correction of policies in this area. 

The report shows that the ongoing reorganization of the entire system of social relations fundamentally changes existing approaches to the forecast of the labor market and the social sphere, since " we are dealing not with structural failures in the functioning of existing mechanisms, but with their complete destruction”. 

The author believes that the need for radical but at the same time verified and grounded decisions, providing social stability in the time of change, will require from science not only a deep understanding of the essence of the current transformations, but also the development of practical recommendations for changing the labor market policy and social policy in general, aimed at overcoming social imbalances in the transition period.

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