In the near future, issue No. 6 of the MEMO Journal will be out of print. The central place in the issue is taken by materials that in one way or another touch upon the problems of the Indo-Pacific region (IPR) and the policies of the leading powers in it.

This issue opens with an article by P. Baklanov and V. Larin on the role of Russia's Far Eastern regions in contemporary Russian-Chinese interaction. A. Seregina discusses the energy initiatives of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)/. Economic relations between Kyrgyzstan and China are analyzed by J. Omurova, A. Arzymatova and Y. Lysenko.

Germany's perceptions and reactions to the U.S. restructuring of new politico-military formats in the ITR are the subject of research by F. Trunov. The Caribbean segment of China's Belt and Road Initiative in the context of PRC-US relations is analyzed in an article by I. Arsentyeva.

The "Arctic" rubric is represented by the article by A. Sergunin and M. Gutenev on the Arctic science diplomacy of the United States and Canada. S. Sherstyukov and O. Kurnykin devote their material to the study of modern activity of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey and its role in the "New Turkey" project. D. Malysheva analyzes the activity of Afghan radical Islamists in Asia.

In the rubric "Theory of International Relations," readers will be interested in an article by M. Kharkevich's article on the ontology of the "international" on the basis of radical constructivism.

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On September 25, 2023 the website of the Lomonosov Moscow State University's Information and Analytical Center for the Study of Socio-Political Processes in the post-Soviet Space (IA-CENTR MSU) published an interview with Dina Malysheva about the risks of Ashgabat's foreign policy.



On September 25, 2023 the website of the Russian International Affairs Council published an analytical article by Maria Pavlova "What Goes Around Comes Around? About the Current Crisis in Polish-Ukrainian Relations".


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