Video lecture by Ivan Zaitsev on the channel "Proshloe: Historical Journal"


On April 14, 2024, Ivan Zaitsev, Junior Research Fellow of the Center of the Indo-Pacific Region of IMEMO, gave a video lecture as part of the series of programs "Influence of Buddhism on Myanmar Politics" on the YouTube channel "Proshloe: Historical Journal".

The lecture examined the phenomenon of combining Marxism and Buddhism in the works of Burmese revolutionary theorists. Particular attention was paid to the philosophical aspects of combining Diamat and Buddhism, as well as to the sacralization of socialism as a socio-economic system.

The lecture touched upon the problem of the growing popularity of Marxism in contemporary political realities.

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The next (No. 5, 2024) issue of the “MEMO Journal” is mainly devoted to the analysis of political processes in various regions of the world and the policies of the leading powers. The issue opens with an article by O. Davydov on the prospects of overcoming the Korean nuclear impasse.



On May 16-17, 2024, the Sholom Aleichem Priamursky State University (PSU) (Birobidzhan, Jewish Autonomous Region) is hosting the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Congress “Youth of Modern Russia – Value Priorities and Civil Identity”.


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