IV Liventsev Readings


On November 27, 2020, was held the international scientific conference IV Liventsev Readings "A New Paradigm of the Development of International Economic Relations: Challenges and Prospects for Russia", organized by MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, in which several employees of Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RAS took part.

In the report of the Head of the Department of Global Economic Problems and Foreign Economic Policy (DGEP and FEP) L.S. Khudyakova "The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Development of Sustainable Financing" (Section 4. Towards Sustainable Development: Problems, Failures and Achievements, moderators N.A. by N. A. Piskulova, E. V. Pak) were analyzed various aspects of sustainable financing in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is concluded that the impact of the pandemic on sustainable financing is multi-vector. In particular, despite the decline in green financing in the first half of 2020, the pandemic has strengthened in the long term the position of supporters of financing, as well as sustainable financing in general, reaffirming the close relationship between environmental and social factors.

The report of Head of the Section for the International Monetary and Financial Relations E.A. Sidorova "Ecological vector of EU supranational finances" (Section 4. Towards sustainable development: problems, failures and achievements, moderated by N. A. Piskulova, E. V. Pak) was devoted to the priorities of the EU environmental policy in the light of the Paris Agreement on climate. It is concluded that, despite the failure to comply with the certain indicators, the EU remains the world leader in environmental policy. In addition, for the first time in European politics, it is proposed to strengthen supranational finance through environmental taxes and levies, which will be implemented in the 2020, and all the revenues from which will go to the Common Budget of the EU. 

In the report of the senior researcher of the DGEP and FEP S.V. Nozdrev "Finance in Asia in conditions of a pandemic" (Section 5. World finances in a turbulent environment, moderated by I.N. Platonova, S.Yu. Pertseva), the features of financial integration in this region were reviewed. It is concluded that the development of regionalization in the foreign economic sphere in the Asia-Pacific region against the background of the exacerbation of the COVID-19 crisis, which is acquiring a systemic character, can lead to fundamental changes in the financial system of the region and a decrease in the level of global integration.

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The collective monograph “The state in the political science and the social reality of the XXI century” is out of print. Corresponding Member of the RAS Irina Semenenko is the executive editor (“Ves Mir” Publishing House).



Staff-members of the Department of Science and Innovation of the IMEMO took part in the organizing and holding the IV Russian Economic Congress “REC-2020” as the co-organizers of the conference “Science and Innovations”, as the speakers at the sessions and as the participants of the discussions at the roundtable conferences “The price of the science” and “The innovation development: the illusions and the reality”.


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