The yearbook - Security and Arms Control 20172018: Overcoming the Imbalance of the International Stability - was awarded a 1st degree diploma


The yearbook “Security and Arms Control 2017–2018: Overcoming the Imbalance of the International Stability” was awarded the 1st degree diploma of the Russian Political Science Association in the category “Collective Monographs” for the year 2019.

This means that the book was recognized as one of the four best collective works in the field of political science issued during the year in the country.

The authors of the Yearbook, which previous issue of the Yearbook was marked as the 30-anniversary one, are staff-members of the Center for International Security of the IMEMO. The monograph covers the most important issues of international security: the confrontation between Russia and the West, the arms control crisis, the conflicts in the east of Ukraine, in Syria and in Afghanistan, the North Korean and the Iranian nuclear issues, the threat of terrorism, the spread of cyber crimes, the growth of the threat of the military activity in the Arctic and the spread of the arms race into the new spheres. The book also suggests the concrete ways of resolving those issues.

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