The XXI International Conference The Baltic Forum


The XXI International Conference “The Baltic Forum” was held in Jurmala on October 25, 2016.

The event gathered a great number of politicians, scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world. This time the participants discussed the topic: “Russia-EU: the Challenges of Interdependence and the Setting of a New Agenda”.

Head of the Department of the European Political Studies Nadezhda Arbatova  was sure that  sanctions against Russia would not bring the expected results. 

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On June 25–26, 2024, the Anniversary 10th International Scientific and Expert Forum “Primakov Readings” will be held in Moscow at the World Trade Center. The theme of the Forum is “Russia in the Global Context”



On June 23, 2024, Ekaterina Stepanova gave a lecture on the topic "Armed Conflicts at the Present Stage: Main Trends" and a seminar on the topic "Peace Processes and Armistice" at the XIII International School on Global Security in Zvenigorod for young international relations experts, organized by the PIR Center, the Gorchakov Fund and MGIMO University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.


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