The Journal "World Economy and International Relations" ( 9, 2022)


Issue 9 of the journal "World Economy and International Relations" for 2022 has been published, the articles of which are diverse in both subject matter and research subjects. Particular attention is paid to theoretical problems of politics and international relations. E. Stepanova's article is devoted to the substantive definition of the concept of "peace process". Theoretical approaches to the analysis of bilateral relations are considered in the article by A. Davydov. A generalizing characteristic of the American model of capitalism in modern conditions is offered by V. Supyan. The attention of all those interested in the economic development of China may be attracted by the article by Gaoyan Qiyu on the system of protection of foreign investment interests of Chinese enterprises.

The issue also traditionally publishes materials on European and Latin American topics. The rubric "Russia: Economics and Politics" features articles on the role of the Islamic factor in Russia's foreign policy (A. Malashenko) and on Muslim organizations in southern Russia (O. Cherevkov). Economic block is presented by articles about global misbalances (A. Kholopov), prospects of increasing human development index (V. Faltsman), possibility of Turkey turning into a gas hub (E. Eken).

We would like to draw readers' attention to the fact that No. 3 of the journal "ME & MO" for 2022, as well as English translations of articles by Arbatov A.G., Kondratyev V.B., Bereznyi A.V. from this issue are in the open access.

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On January 26, 2023 at 11:00 am the Department of International Political Problems of IMEMO will hold a seminar on "Methodological Aspects of the Study of World Politics Based on the Systems Theories of Alexander Bogdanov and Niklas Luhmann".



Dmitry Stefanovich, Research Fellow of the Center for International Security, co-authored the Working Paper of the Deep Cuts of Nuclear Weapons Commission “Truth or Dare: Transparency, Ambiguity, and Prospects for New International Commitments in the Nuclear Realm”.


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