The Journal "World Economy and International Relations" ( 5, 2022)


In the forthcoming issue of World Economy and International Relations (No. 7, 2022), the central focus is on the analysis of different regions of Europe and European politics. Thus, the continent's response to the coronavirus pandemic in the light of new security threats is analyzed in the articles by N. Lapina and P. Sokolova; the Western Balkans region is the focus of the latter. A. Kravchuk examines Iceland's new economic crisis. A. Giannotti offers an opinion on Germany's role in the European Union in his article.

A special column of the magazine is devoted to the topical problems of development policy. T. Rovinskaya's article explores new aspects of environmental policy in the context of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. I. Semenenko analyzes the national development policy in the face of global challenges on the example of Ireland.  

Traditionally, the journal pays considerable attention to the problem of migration in the modern world. Migration risks of Afghan crisis are covered by A. Shustov. Trends and prospects of intellectual emigration from Central Asian countries are analyzed by B. Bakhriev and S. Rizoen.

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