The International Conference of young scientists Global South in the polycentric world order


The International Conference of young scientists «“Global South” in the polycentric world order» was held in the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations on April 19-20, 2018. The event was conducted jointly by the IMEMO, the Institute for Africa Studies of RAS and the Institute for Latin America Studies of RAS.


The conference was attended by 60 young scientists and Ph.D students from different institutes of Russian Academy of Science - IMEMO, Institute of Latin America, Institute for African Studies, Institute of Europe, Institute of Far Eastern Studies, Institute of Oriental Studies, Institute for US and Canadian Studies, Institute of World History;

from leading scientific centers of Moscow – Diplomatic Academy of Russian Foreign ministry, Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Higher School of Economics, Lomonosov Moscow State University, MGIMO University, People’s Friendship University of Russia, Russian Institute of Strategic Studies;

as well as from Russian regional universities - Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (St.Petersburg); North Caucasus State Humanitarian Techonolgical Academy (Cherkessk); Lobachevsky State University (Nizhni Novgorod); Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N.Yeltsin (Yekaterinburg).

The welcoming remarks to the participants were addressed by academician, Dr. of Science (History), member of the IMEMO Directorate Vladimir Baranovskii, by corresponding Member of RAS, Dr. of Science (History), deputy Director of the Institute for African studies Dmitri Bondarenko and by deputy director of the Institute of Latin America, Ph.D. (Economics) Dmitri Razumovski. The audience listened with a keen interest to the report of the invited participant Mr. Dmitry Bondarenko “Post-colonial world: historical originality and the formation of nations in the context of globalization”.

The conference included seven sections, dedicated to the topical issues of the “Global South” countries. Young scientists and Ph.D students focused on the current role of the “Global South” countries in the world economy and international relations in the XXI century. They examined interaction between states and institutes of “North” and “South” as well as security and counter-terrorism issues in the “Global South” countries. Great attention was paid to the economic competition of leading states in the markets of the “Global South” countries. The participants of the conference also analyzed the role of international organizations in the evolution of the “Global South”, political development, cooperation and rivalry between the “Global South” states and regions, problems of migration and humanitarian assistance of the “Southern” states.

IMEMO’s young scientists and Ph.D students actively participated in the conference. They made more than twenty reports on the following topics:

Alexander Aleshin: “The problem of the Falkland Islands as a factor for instability in the South Atlantic”

Anna Badaeva: “African migration to EU countries: political aspects”

Alexey Davydov: “US humanitarian assistance in conflict zones”

Karina Gemueva: “Economic interaction between the PRC and the Visegrad Four”

Maria Glotova :“Cooperation in the innovation sector between China and the countries of the "Global South" within the framework of the One Belt-One Road Initiative”

Pavel Gudev: “Philippines’ arbitration case against China of 2016: new commentaries on politics and law issues”

Anna Gutnick: “Characteristics of migration flows from India to the UK”

Sergei Ignatiev: “Kenya in China's foreign economic activity”

Elena Kharitonova: “Development assistance to the "Global South" in the UN specialized agencies’ agenda”

Alexey Kupriyanov: “The security crisis in the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea”

Ekaterina Lobastova: “Comparison of trade strategies of USA and China in the “Global South” countries”

Anna Makarova: “Developing country” status of the WTO members: benefits and losses for economic growth”

Anastasia Nevskaya: “Regulation of sustainable value chains in the EU: the external economic aspect”

Elizaveta Potapova: “The evolution of contemporary terrorism in the “Southern” countries”

Sergey Rastoltsev: “"Global South": the origin and developments in the concept

Roman Seytkaliev: “Adaptation of female migrants from the "Global South" countries in the German labor market”

Ernest Sleptsov: “Current trends in the development of radiation-resistant electronics in China, India and Iran”

Pavel Timofeev: “African policy of France under the president E. Macron: will changes come?

Kristina Voda: “Japanese humanitarian assistance to the countries of the "Global South"”

Maria Volodina: “Effects of the global crisis: a comprehensive view on the Arab revolutions”

Marianna Yevtodyeva: “The Embraer corporation: the way to the leadership in the regional aircraft market”

The best reports of the conference will be published in the IMEMO’s series “Global development”. 
 Conference program (in Russian)

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