The 1-st issue of the bulletin Russian Economic Barometer for the year 2020


The first issue of the quarterly bulletin “Russian Economic Barometer” for the year 2020 is published. The monthly statistical series were updated until November, 2020, the quarterly ones – until the 3rd-4th quarters of the year 2019. The article “The evaluation of the economic policy in the year 2019” by Sergey Aukutsionek and the article “The development of the German business in Russia in the years 2019-2020” by Maria Gracheva are presented in the analytical part of the issue.

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In August 2020, the journal « Vorposy Ekonomiki » published the article of the Doctor of Economic Sciences, the leading researcher of the Centre for European Studies Marina Klinova on the topic «The State and National Competitiveness (the case of the EU)».



Fyodor Voytolovsky took part in the signing ceremony of the agreement between the Russian Academy of Sciences and the US National Academy of Sciences on cooperation in different research areas associated with COVID-19.


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