Articles of the Center for post-Soviet Studies staff in the dictionary "Abkhazia. Brief Encyclopedia"


In the dictionary "Abkhazia. Brief Encyclopedia" were published articles by the staff of the Sector for the Caucasus of the Center for post-Soviet Studies of IMEMO:

  • Vadim Mukhanov, Head of the Sector, Cand. of Science (History), – Adrianople Peace Treaty; Berlin Treatise, 1878; Bucharest Peace Treaty, etc. (Vol. 1); Moscow Treaty, 1920; Soviet-Georgian War, 1921, etc. (Vol. 2),
  • Alexander Krylov, Chief Research Fellow, Dr. of Science (History), – Anykh-sanctuaries (Vol. 1); Traditional religion of the Abkhazians (Vol. 2).

Volume 1. ABKHAZIA. Brief Encyclopedia / Chief Editor Vasily Avidzba. “Abkhazian Encyclopedia” Research Center: In 2 Vols. Vol. 1: A–K. – Sukhum-SPb, 2022. – 600 p.

Volume 2. Abkhazia. Brief Encyclopedia / Chief Editor Vasily Avidzba. “Abkhazian Encyclopedia” Research Center: In 2 Vols. Volume 2 . – Sukhum-SPb, 2022. – 560 p.

Dictionary "Abkhazia. Brief Encyclopedia" is the first universal encyclopedic edition about this country. For the first time it combines systematized information about all spheres of life in Abkhazia – political and state structure, geography, nature, population, religion, material and spiritual culture, jurisprudence, economy, sports, etc. The dictionary includes more than 3,000 basic concepts and biographies related to the past and present of Abkhazia. Domestic and foreign scientists took part in preparing the encyclopedia.

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