Articles by IMEMO staff in the "Arms Export" magazine


The special issue of the "Arms Export" magazine for 2023 published articles by employees of the Center for International Security of IMEMO.

In the article "Turkish Perspective Fighter TF-X Kaan",  Alexander Yermakov examines the history and prospects of the Turkish TX-Kaan fighter, which may not only become the main combat vehicle of the Turkish Air Force, but also succeed on the global arms market. 

Dmitry Stefanovich in his article "Hypersonic Operational-Tactical Weapons: Deployment, Use and Consequences" gives an overview of hypersonic operational-tactical weapons, which influence both the military-technological development of states and their military strategies, as well as certain aspects of the balance of power of rival powers. 

In the article "Military-Technical Cooperation between Pakistan and Ukraine" Peter Topychkanov analyzes military-technical cooperation between Pakistan and Ukraine, primarily in the tank and aviation spheres. He also discusses the episodes of ammunition supplies from Pakistan to Ukraine and the prospects for cooperation between the two countries.

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The next issue of the journal “MEMO Journal” (No. 6, 2024) is published. Structurally, it contains several major headings.



On June 13, 2024, the Conference “New World Order and Technological Revolution” of the IMEMO Center for International Security will be held in the Academician Inozemtsev conference hall (3rd floor).


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