Joint project of the IMEMO and the INTERFAX Russia and the World: the professional conversation


The IMEMO and the INTERFAX held the first session of the project “Russia and the World: the professional conversation”. The event was held online and was dedicated to the expectations of world capitals regarding the results of the presidential elections in the USA.

In particular, the experts discussed which candidate is preferred in Beijing, in Delhi, in Brussels, in Berlin, in Paris and in Tokyo; how will the architecture of the world economy change; and what should be expected in the spheres of the strategic stability and the arms control after the elections.

Head of the Center For International Security of the IMEMO Alexey Arbatov, Deputy Director Head of the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies of the IMEMO Alexander Lomanov, Senior Researcher for the Department of International Political Problems of the IMEMO Alexey Kupriyanov, Director of the Institute of Europe of RAS Alexey Gromyko, Senior Researcher for the Department for European Political Studies Pavel Timofeev and Senior Researcher for the Center for the Middle East Studies Nikolai Surkov took part in the discussion.


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The next (No. 5, 2024) issue of the “MEMO Journal” is mainly devoted to the analysis of political processes in various regions of the world and the policies of the leading powers. The issue opens with an article by O. Davydov on the prospects of overcoming the Korean nuclear impasse.



On May 16-17, 2024, the Sholom Aleichem Priamursky State University (PSU) (Birobidzhan, Jewish Autonomous Region) is hosting the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Congress “Youth of Modern Russia – Value Priorities and Civil Identity”.


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