Council of Young Scientists Seminar "China-West Conflict: the Main Contradiction in International Relations?"


On March 25, 2024, at 15:00, the Council of Young Scientists Seminar "The China-West Conflict: the Main Contradiction in International Relations?" was held in the Academician Inozemtsev conference hall.

The growth of contradictions between China and the leading Western players – the United States and the European Union – has been observed over the last decade. At the same time, disagreements remain between Western countries themselves on the issue of relations with China. These processes are developing against the backdrop of geo-economic fragmentation, the development of new technologies, increasing conflict and competition on the world stage, decreasing efficiency of global regulatory institutions, and the crisis of the world order. The Roundtable of the Council of Young Scientists will examine the relations between China and Western countries in the context of global trends in the world economy and international relations. The main goal of the event is to answer the question of whether the conflict between China and the West is the main, system-forming contradiction of modern international relations. Or is its development an important, but not the key trend of global processes? To answer this question, the speakers will examine China-West relations within the framework of five cross-sections of the world economy and politics: political-economic, economic, political-ideological, political-strategic and military-political.

The speakers were:

  • Anton Boreyko: "Technological Transition and Systemic Contradictions: Analyzing the PRC-West Conflict";
  • Ksenia Chudinova: "Transformation of Global Value Chains and the Role of the US-PRC Conflict";
  • Alexander Aleshin: "Ideological Separation between the PRC and the West in the Global Ideological and Political Landscape";
  • Alexandra Breslavtseva: "Restrain not Cooperate: the Logic of the US Behavior in Competition with China"
  • Konstantin Bogdanov: "Military-Strategic Dimension of the US-China confrontation".

The experts were Victoria Zhuravleva, Head of the Center for North American Studies, Cand. of Science (Politics), and Alexander Lomanov, Head of the Center for Asia Pacific Studies, Dr. of Science (History). 

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