Seminar "Cyberspace of International Relations: Approaches to Research


On May 30, 2023 at 17:00 in the Academician Nikolay Inozemtsev conference hall the regular seminar of the IMEMO Council of Young Scientists and Specialists on the topic "Cyberspace of International Relations: Approaches to Research" was held.

The event discussed general problems of research and understanding of the problems associated with the virtual dimension of international relations in cyberspace: methodological issues of study, the most significant issues of cybersecurity and their impact on the economic development of countries.

  • Oleg Shakirov – Consultant at PIR Center, RIAC Expert. Report topic: "Not a Technologist": How an International Researcher can Study Cyberspace”;
  • Pavel Sharikov – Cand. of Science (Politics), Lead Researcher at the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Senior Researcher at the Institute of International Studies of MGIMO University. Report topic: "Modern Challenges in the Field of Information Security";
  • Pavel Karasev – Cand. of Science (Politics), Senior Researcher of the Center for International Security at IMEMO. Report topic: "Digitalization as a Factor in the Degradation of Strategic Stability;
  • Alisa Chirko – editor of RIA "ARMY OF RUSSIA". Report topic: "National Cyberspace: Current Threats and Ways to Solve Them".

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