Round Table Conference


The topic of this meeting was "Reformatting the system of international relations in the Asia Pacific region: vectors and dynamics of changes".

The Round Table Conference was moderated by IMEMO Vice President, Academician V.V. Mikheev and editor-in-chief of the "World Economy and International Relations" journal A.V. Ryabov.

The Round Table Conference was attended by:

• IMEMO Lead Researcher, MGIMO Professor A. Volodin,

• Head of Center for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects at MGIMO University A. Voskresensky,

• IMEMO Senior Research Fellow O. Davydov

• IMEMO Lead Researcher E. Kanaev,

• IAAS Deputy Director A. Karneev,

• Chief Researcher at the Center for the Studies and Forecasting of Russia-China Relations at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences . Lomanov,

• Head of Sector of Economy and Politics of China of IMEMO S. Lukonin,

• Head of the Center for the Studies of Vietnam and ASEAN at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences V. Mazyrin,

• Head of MGIMO ASEAN Centre in V. Sumsky,

• Head of Sector of the Asia-Pacific Region Problems at IMEMO A. Fedorovsky,

• Head of Sector of Economics and Politics of Japan at IMEMO V. Shvydko

During the Round Table Conference participants discussed the following issues:

-  What factors of global and regional character influence the dynamics of changes in the system of military-political and trade-economic relations in the Asia Pacific region?

-  What is the state of modern institutions in the region?

-  Are there any changes in the balance of power in the security system of the Asia Pacific region?

-  Are there any qualitative changes in the situation around the Korean peninsula? 

-  What is the situation around ASEAN and the South China Sea? 

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