Report by E. Kanaev at International Conference


On February 3, Evgeny Kanaev, the leading researcher at the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies (CAPS) participated in the conference «Convergence Area Studies in Global Paradigm: Focusing on Case Studies and Perspectives», organized by Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Seoul, the Republic of Korea). The conference focused upon practical issues with relevance to political, economic and security studies. 

The list of participants and the presentation made by E. Kanaev entitled «Center for Asia-Pacific Studies IMEMO: Creating a New Analytical Paradigm» see below.



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On January 30, 2023 the website of the "Russia in Global Affairs" magazine published the opinion of Pavel Gudev, Head of the Group of US and Canada Policy Studies in the World Ocean, and Ilya Kramnik, Research Fellow of the Sector for US Foreign and Domestic Policy of the Center for North American Studies, “Estonian Plans in the Gulf of Finland: What Was It?”.



The new "REB Statistics" electronic resource has added monthly data: actual indicators for November 2022, expected indicators for February 2023. "REB Statistics" are interactive graphs that can be plotted based on data from the “Russian Economic Barometer”.


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