Press Conference "Foreign Policy Trends 2024"


On February 7, 2024 at 15:00 a Press Conference on foreign policy trends in 2024 was held at the press center of the “Russia Today” international news agency, during which the annual forecast of IMEMO "Russia and the World: 2024. Economy and Foreign Policy" was presented. 

In 2024, Russia will chair BRICS. In mid-January, the US election year started, the logical conclusion of which will be the presidential elections on November 5. The American election race is being closely watched in the European Union, fearing Donald Trump's return to the White House, while actively working on the 13th package of anti-Russian sanctions. In the Middle East, the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict has drawn the Yemeni Houthis into its orbit, who have been subjected to a series of US-British missile attacks because of the blockade of Israeli-affiliated cargo and warships in the Red Sea. Ukraine, overshadowed by the Middle East agenda, continues to beg money and weapons from US and European sponsors while promising NATO countries its defense against Russia. Meanwhile, NATO is launching the largest exercise in Europe since the Cold War, and although Russia is not mentioned in official documents, alliance officials make no secret of the fact that it is what is meant by a "hypothetical enemy".

  • Irina KOBRINSKAYA, Head of the Center for Situational Analysis of IMEMO;
  • Victoria ZHURAVLEVA, Head of the Center for North American Studies of IMEMO;
  • Nikolay SURKOV, Senior Researcher of the Group on Common Problems in the Region of the Center for the Middle East Studies of IMEMO; 
  • Eduard SOLOVYEV, Head of the Center for post-Soviet Studies of IMEMO;
  • Alexey KUPRIYANOV, Head of the Center of the Indo-Pacific Region of IMEMO;
  • Sergey LUKONIN, Head of the Sector of Economy and Politics China of the Center for Asia Pacific Studies of IMEMO.

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