In this issue of World Economy and International Relations, No. 8, special attention is paid to the problems of security in the modern world. For example, A. Nikitin, looking at the prospects for military-political integration in Asia, tries to answer the question: Should there be an "Asian NATO"? V. Klimov analyzes the place of missile defense systems in the concepts of limited nuclear war.

The corresponding columns of the regional bloc contain articles on U.S. policy, European issues, and the situation in the post-Soviet space. S. Dmitriev examines the resetting of the course to restore U.S. industrial capabilities. T. Romanova and G. Kotsur analyze evolution of European Union's discourse from political liberalization to geopolitical turn. In the column "In the Post-Soviet Space," O. Petrovich-Belkin, E. Savicheva, and A. Butorov examine the achievements and failures of the Georgian experience with reforms. 

The magazine once again turns to the problems of political theory. A. Davydov's article offers a model for analyzing ideology in foreign policy. Theoretical problems of politics in the work of the Russian and Soviet thinker Alexander Bogdanov are raised in M. Strezhneva's article. Anthropological approaches to understanding society in the works of contemporary French scholar Emmanuel Todd are analyzed by V. Studentsov. 

Among the materials of economic and socio-political topics we can single out the article by L. Khudyakova and E. Sidorova, which analyzes the new stage of the global tax reform, A. Kireev's work on Russian policy with regard to Chinese direct investment in the Far East. New articles on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on social and economic processes are also published: S. Golovin examines the impact of the pandemic on the economy of Thailand, and N. Goffe and G. Monusova examine cross-country differences in response to COVID-19.   


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Issue 9 of the journal "World Economy and International Relations" for 2022 has been published, the articles of which are diverse in both subject matter and research subjects. Particular attention is paid to theoretical problems of politics and international relations.



The third issue of “Politeia” magazine published an article by Nikolay Rabotyazhev, Cand. of Science (Politics), Lead Researcher of the Sector for Political Theory of IMEM, entitled "Alternative for Germany": Between Conservatism and Right-Wing Populism”.


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