The next issue of the journal ME & MO (No. 6, 2022), which opens with a panoramic article by V. Mikheev and S. Lukonin, has been published. The authors dedicated it to China on the eve of the 20th CPC Congress. 

In the economic block of the magazine special attention is paid to digital currencies. A. Polivach analyzes the digital ruble and the prospects of internationalization of the Russian currency. An article by G. Semeko discusses sovereign digital currency as a new reality. The magazine continues to pay a great deal of attention to the problems of global energy. In this issue you will find an article by E. Telegina and G. Khalova on geo-economic and geopolitical challenges of the energy transition and their implications for the world economy. 

In the block of materials devoted to world politics and international relations a noticeable place is given to "Greater Europe”. . Vasilyev analyzes the policy of Chancellor O. Scholz's cabinet in Germany. The formation of the Chinese direction of EU policy and the role of Central and Eastern European countries in this is considered in the article of I. Bolgova, Y. Melnikova and R. Lisyakevich. B. Guseletov explores the development of the concept of European political space from idea to reality. 

The rubric devoted to the Greater Middle East is represented by S. Sherstyukov's article on Turkey's humanitarian policy.

Articles by S. Pritchin on "Big Game 2.0" in Central Asia and N. Shevchuk on the policy of "engagement without recognition" in relation to de facto states, placed in the rubric "In the post-Soviet space," will also be of interest to readers.


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In the forthcoming issue of World Economy and International Relations (No. 7, 2022), the central focus is on the analysis of different regions of Europe and European politics.



June 28-29, 2022 under the auspices of the International Forum, the Primakov Centre and the IMEMO Council of Young Scientists and Specialists are organizing a Youth Session of the Primakov Readings-2022 on the topic «Global Security: Looking for Dialogue Opportunities».


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