The next (No. 5, 2024) issue of the “MEMO Journal” is mainly devoted to the analysis of political processes in various regions of the world and the policies of the leading powers.

The issue opens with an article by O. Davydov on the prospects of overcoming the Korean nuclear impasse.

The current US policy towards Taiwan is analyzed in an article by Ya. Leksyutina.

New approaches to the Francophone policy during the presidency of E. Macron are analyzed in the article by Y. Streltsova.

The Middle East section is represented by articles by G. Machitidze on the reanimation of the theocratic model of political regime in Afghanistan, T. Tyukaeva on the views of the Persian Gulf monarchies on the transformation of the world order and Russia's place in it, and E. Melkumyan on the balancing between the USA and China in the policy of Saudi Arabia.

The column “In the post-Soviet space” published two articles by authors from Kazakhstan - E. Tukumov, Director of KISI, on reforms and diplomacy of President K.-J. Tokayev and J. Orynbayev and N. Muminov on water security policy of this country. The column also contains an article by D. Malyshev on the results of twenty years of activity of the Union State of Belarus and Russia.

Economic problems are discussed in the articles by E. Telegina and V. Morozov on energy relocation in the context of the change of the international economic paradigm and by E. Sherin on foreign trade cooperation between China and Siberian regions.  

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A meeting of the Academic council of IMEMO was hold at the Academician N.N. Inozemtsev conference hall.



The next issue of the MEMO Journal (No. 7 for 2024) opens with the topical rubric "Security Problems in the Modern World", which features articles by A. Arbatov "The Bearing Structure of Global Security" and A. Krivopalov "The Southern Flank of U.S. Deployment in Eastern Europe".


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