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Large part of “World Economy and International Relations”, no 10, 2020 is devoted to issues tied up with upcoming US presidential elections in November.

The section opens with an article by known Russian mericanist V. Pechatnov. The article examines various crises faced by the USA on the threshold of election and attempts to consider how these crises can influence on the future development of the country.

Zhuravleva’s article examines the impact of protests against racial inequality on pre-electoral internal political situation in the USA.

Two articles – by S. Kislitsyn and by A. Davydov and L. Samarskaia are devoted to the foreign policy issues – the US attitude towards defense policy of the European Union and to the US-Israel relations during D. Trump presidency.

Influence of Gerrymandering on the rivalry between two leading political parties in modern American politics is considered in Bunina’s article.

“Arab factor” in current electoral campaign is analyzed in Shumilina’s article.  


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The article by military observer Iliya Kramnik was published on the website of the RIAC.  It was dedicated to the presentation of the Russian issue of the SIPRI Yearbook and of its Special Annex, which is being prepared by the IMEMO.



Vladimir Avatkov took part in the online conference “The Russian peacekeepers in Karabakh: the consequences for the regional securirty”, which was organized by the  International Media Group Rossiya Segodnya.


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