Nikolai Kozhanov and Alexey Krivopalov in the program "International Review" on the Russia 24 channel


February 2, 2024 Nikolai Kozhanov, Senior Researcher of the Regional Relations Study Group of the Center for the Middle East Studies, Cand. of Science (Economics), and Alexey Krivopalov, Senior Researcher of the Sector for Central Asia of the Center for post-Soviet Studies, Cand. of Science (History), took part in the "International Review" program on the Russia 24 channel. The topic of the program was "From the Euphrates to the Rio Grande. From Yemen to Texas".

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A meeting of the Academic council of IMEMO was hold at the Academician N.N. Inozemtsev conference hall.



The next issue of the MEMO Journal (No. 7 for 2024) opens with the topical rubric "Security Problems in the Modern World", which features articles by A. Arbatov "The Bearing Structure of Global Security" and A. Krivopalov "The Southern Flank of U.S. Deployment in Eastern Europe".


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