Scientific and Practical Seminar Nuclear Deterrence in a Polycentric World


On May 23 at 12:00 in the Academician Inozemtsev conference hall a Scientific and Practical Seminar by IMEMO Director Feodor Voitolovsky on the topic “Nuclear Deterrence in a Polycentric World” was held. 

The main speakers were Academician Alexey Arbatov, Head of the Center for International Security of IMEMO, and Dmitry Trenin, Lead Researcher of the Center for International Security of IMEMO, Director for Scientific Work of the Institute for Global Military Economics and Strategy of the HSE University, Cand. of Science (History).

The following issues were addressed during the seminar:

• Transformation of nuclear deterrence policy in a polycentric world;

• The impact of the latest non-nuclear weapons and military equipment on the policy of nuclear deterrence;

• The impact of nuclear polycentricity on strategic stability and arms control.

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