Scientific seminar on European investment issues


On March 18, 2024, the Center for European Studies of IMEMO held a Seminar on European investment issues. Within the framework of the event, Alexander Kulinich, Junior Research Fellow of the Center for European Studies, made a presentation on the topic "The EU Investment Sphere in the Context of New Challenges".

The discussion was attended by Marina Klinova, Dr. of Science (Economics), Agnessa Avilova, Cand. of Science (Economics), Aleksei Volkov, Cand. of Science (Economics), Andrey Kudryavtsev, Cand. of Science (Economics), Vladimir Olenchenko, Cand. of Science (Law), Inna Podkolzina, Cand. of Science (Economics), Nikolay Podchasov, Cand. of Science (History), Elena Kharitonova, Cand. of Science (Politics), Anna Chetverikova, Cand. of Science (Economics), Mark Kondratyev, Alexander Kulinich.

The latest trends of investment policy development in Europe were considered. The speaker drew attention to the changes in the international investment environment in the direction of increasing restrictions, to the differences in national approaches among the EU member states and to the role of supranational bodies in the development of approaches by individual European states. Special attention was paid to the consideration of the impact of measures to reduce inflation in the US on capital outflow from the EU countries.

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