Scientific Seminar on North Macedonia


On April 24, 2024, the Center for European Studies of IMEMO held a Seminar devoted to the prospects for European integration of North Macedonia. Within the framework of the event, Nikolay Podchasov, Senior Researcher of the Sector of the EU Studies of the Center for European Studies, made a presentation on the topic "Problems and Prospects of EU Enlargement to the Western Balkans on the Example of North Macedonia".

The discussion was attended by Dr. of Science (Economics) Marina Klinova, Cand. of Science (Economics) Agnessa Avilova, Cand. of Science (Economics) Aleksei Volkov, Cand. of Science (Economics) Andrey Kudryavtsev, Cand. of Science (Economics) Galina Ponedelko, Cand. of Science (Economics) Olga Trofimova, Cand. of Science (Politics) Elena Kharitonova, Cand. of Science (Economics) Anna Chetverikova, Mark Kondratyev, Alexander Kulinich.

An analysis of the prospects and difficulties of European integration of the Balkan countries on the example of specific events from the modern history of North Macedonia was presented. The speaker drew attention to the problems that Skopje 

faces on its way to the EU and the resources that the Euro-Atlantic community directs towards their solution. In particular, topics such as the political crisis of 2015-2016, the Greek-Macedonian dispute over the state name of the country and the Albanian Albanian issue were highlighted. An attempt was made to generalize regarding the future EU enlargement policy in the Balkan region.

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A meeting of the Academic council of IMEMO was hold at the Academician N.N. Inozemtsev conference hall.



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